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Sunrise today => ~~WEBSUNRISE~~ | Sunset today = > ~~WEBSUNSETS~~
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Current Conditions-at ~~WEBTIMENOW~~ on ~~WEBDATENOW~~ ~~WEBMNTHNOW~~
Wind Chill => ~~WEBWNDCHIL~~
Dew Point => ~~WEBDEWPOIN~~
Humidity => ~~WEBOSHUMID~~
Barometer => ~~WEBBAROMTR~~ and ~~WEBBARTRND~~
Current Barometer Trend => ~~WEBBARTRND~~
Wind Direction => ~~WEBWINDGSD~~
Wind Speed(gust)=>
Current Wind Average Speed => ~~WEBWINDAVS~~
Wind Direction(average 1 minute)=> ~~WEBWINDAVD~~
Heat Index => ~~WEBHEATIDX~~
In Temp => ~~WEBINSTEMP~~
In Humidity => ~~WEBINHUMID~~
Current base height of Cu cloud => ~~WEBHTCUCLD~~
Current wet bulb temperature => ~~WEBWETBULB~~
Current wet bulb depression => ~~WEBWBDEPRS~~
Current UTC time => ~~WEBUTCTIME~~
Current UTC date => ~~WEBUTCDATE~~
Current peak rainfall rate => ~~WEBRAINRAT~~
Number of days since the last rainfall => ~~WEBDAYSNRN~~
Amount of the last (daily) rainfall => ~~WEBLSTRAIN~~
Rainfall in the last hour => ~~WEBRAINLHR~~
Number of rain days => ~~SUBRAINDYS~~
Days with rainfall => ~~SUBDAYWTRN~~
Maximum peak rainfall rate =>
Maximum peak rainfall rate since changeover and event time => ~~WEBTRAINMX~~
Today's Extremes
High Temperature => ~~WEBTTMPMAX~~
Low Temperature => ~~WEBTTMPMIN~~
Max Humidity=> ~~WEBTHUMMAX~~
Min Humdity => ~~WEBTHUMMIN~~
Peak Wind Gust => ~~WEBTGSTMAX~~
Max Barometric Pressure => ~~WEBTBARMAX~~
Min Barometric Pressure => ~~WEBTBARMIN~~
Since 9.00am
Dew Point max => ~~WEBTDWPMAX~~
Dew Point min => ~~WEBTDWPMIN~~
Wind Chill min => ~~WEBTCHLMIN~~
Heat Index max => ~~WEBTHIXMAX~~
Indoor Temperature max => ~~WEBTINTMAX~~
Indoor Temperature min => ~~WEBTINTMIN~~
Rainfall so far today since 9:00am => ~~WEBRAINTOD~~
Maximum peak rainfall rate since changeover and event time => ~~WEBTRAINMX~~
Previous 24 hours
Max temperature => ~~WEBYTMPMAX~~
Min temperature => ~~WEBYTMPMIN~~
Max Inside Temperature => ~~WEBYINTMAX~~
Min Inside Temperature => ~~WEBYINTMIN~~
Max humidity => ~~WEBYHUMMAX~~
Min humidity => ~~WEBYHUMMIN~~
Max wind gust => ~~WEBYGSTMAX~~
Max barometer => ~~WEBYBARMAX~~
Min barometer => ~~WEBYBARMIN~~

Maximum peak rainfall rate => ~~WEBYRAINMX~~
Rainfall in the 24 hours prior to changeover => ~~WEBRAINYST~~
Maximum peak rainfall rate => ~~WEBYRAINMX~~


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